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    Welcome to South West Health

In South West Health we are committed to working together

for better health with the people and communities

of Digby, Shelburne & Yarmouth Counties 


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Roseway Hospital Emergency Department Closures in December NEW


UPDATE - Digby Hospital Emergency Department Closures in December NEW


Postponed - New Patient Registration Process in Barrington Passage


Get Your FREE Flu Shot - see your Pharmacist, Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner


Healthy Eating on the Menu in Digby County


Digby Family Physicians Accepted Patients on Friday, October 17


Healthy Lifestyle Campaign - helping to guide you to a happier, healthier life


"ASK ME" Makes Asking Questions Easier for New Nurses


New Family Physician Welcomed in Shelburne


Another New Family Physician in Digby


Digby Area Welcomes New Family Physician


Looking for a family physician?

Services available to people without a family physician or nurse practitioner

Helping Trees Gets Communities Connected

Yarmouth Friendly Feeding Line Volunteer Handbook



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