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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Nurse Practitioner Means More Days Added at Digby Clinic

for People without Primary Care Provider


Increasing the services of a Nurse Practitioner now means people without a regular primary care provider (Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner) will be able to access primary health care services in Digby twice a week.


South West Health, in partnership with the Department of Health & Wellness, is pleased to announce the clinic at the Digby Hospital for those without a primary care provider will now be open additional days – each Tuesday and Thursday.


The additional two days is an interim measure as South West Health is currently recruiting for a full-time Nurse Practitioner to provide services at the clinic each week, for at least the next year. It is expected that even more clinic days will be announced at a later date.


“Instead of going to the Emergency Department for non-urgent medical issues, such as prescription refills or to review report details, people who do not currently have a primary care provider can now depend on the regular services of a Nurse Practitioner twice a week in the clinic setting,” Tanya Nixon, Vice President, Community Health.


The clinic will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed for lunch) and will offer a mix of pre-booked appointments and same-day access each day.


Call for an appointment: 902-245-2502 extension 3243 (PLEASE have your Health Card ready).


Additional clinic days will be announced as they become available.