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Understanding Our Health - Community Health Profile 2014



Patient Safety & Accountability - Hand Hygiene and C.diff Rates


2012-2013 French Language Service Plan

Nova Scotia Health Authority

On April 1, Nova Scotia's health authorities came together as one. For information about the Nova Scotia Health Authority visit www.nshealth.ca.


Ask Me Makes Asking Questions Easy for New Employees


2014-2015 Budget/Business Plan - Former South West Health

The Department of Health & Wellness approved our 2014-2015 Business Plan in which South West Health had to find ways to offset over $1.5 million in rising cost pressures. This includes things like higher costs for medications, and medical and surgical supplies. A large portion of this shortfall ($286,000) is a result of a dramatic increase in fuel transport costs after the unexpected closure of the Imperial Oil refinery in Dartmouth last year. Fuel oil now must be trucked from Quebec at a significantly higher cost.

As much as possible, we try to meet our budget targets by being more efficient, finding cost recoveries and generating revenue. Without the ability to generate some revenue, we would need to reduce or cut health services that patients depend on. For details, click below...

Message from Former CEO Blaise MacNeil on Business Plan

     2014-2015 Business Plan Introduction

     2014-2015 Business Plan Financial Information 




2014 South West Health Public Sector Disclosure

The Nova Scotia Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act requires District Health Authorities like South West Health and other public bodies to report the names of employees who receive compensation more than $100,000 each year. The information must be disclosed in an audited statement and posted on our website:  

The lists of employees from the past two years is below:

More information on the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act can be found on the NS Department of Finance website: http://www.novascotia.ca/finance/en/home/publications/PSCD.aspx



2014 Annual General Meeting - June 25, Clare-Digby County

The Clare Municipal Building was the location of the 2014 South West Health Annual General meeting. Board Chair Gerald Pottier gave a report on major initiatives of the past year, including highlights of the 14-year history of South West Health. The financial situation of South West Health was also discussed - audited financial statements are posted below.


2014 Report to Our Community

Board Chair Report - Remarks from Gerald Pottier

2013-2014 Audited Financial Statement


Past Annual General Meetings


Past Annual General Meeting Documents

2012-2013 Annual General Meeting

2013 Report to our Community

Board Chair, Gerald Pottier, Remarks

CEO Presentation

Audited Financial Statements 2012-2013


2011-2012 Annual General Meeting

2011-2012 CEO Presentation

2011-2012 Audited Financial Statements


2010-2011 Annual General Meeting

2010-2011 Community Report

2010-2011 Audited Financial Statements

2010-2011 CEO presentation


2009-2010 Community Report

2008-2009 Community Report


Past Audited Financial Statements
















2011-2012 Business Plan and Business Plan Mitigation Context


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