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Addictions Services Brochure

Residential, Education, & Treatment Programs
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Strengthening Families for the Future


Help is available.
If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol, other drugs, or gambling, help is available. Our programs are effective. There is hope. Addiction Services is available near you in locations throughout Nova Scotia. Contact your local hospital or clinic to find out more.

What is Addictions Services?
Who Can Be Helped?
How do I Start?

Community Based Programs

Prevention and Health Promotion
Community-Based Counseling

Primary Care Treatment Programs

Withdrawal Management (Detoxification) - Yarmouth
Addiction Education Programs - Yarmouth
Making Changes Program - Middleton
 Nicotine Treatment Program, click for more information

Assessment Tools

Alcohol:  are you concerned about your drinking? Hide info

In addition to these programs some sites offer various groups for children, youth, parents, women and individuals in recovery.

For information see the following brochure:
Residential Education and Treatment Programs

Problem Gambling Services

Visit the WEBSITE or call the help line toll free 1-888-347-8888

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