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Head South...Way South
To South Western Nova Scotia – your new home and rewarding career in health services.

Don’t just head south for the winter – head south forever! With fulfilling career opportunities
and the promise of tranquil living, South Western Nova Scotia offers a unique experience. Here's Why


Live the Dream

As one of Atlantic Canada’s best kept secrets, South West Nova invites you to discover the
serenity of living and working in one of its characteristically charming communities.
Located on the most southerly tip of Nova Scotia, this attractive region hugs the coast,
creating a soothing climate of mild winters and hot, breezy summers.

 Whether you arrive by boat, car or plane, once you step foot on one of our region’s relaxing,
sandy beaches or brilliant rugged shores, you’ll instantly feel yourself come alive as you
 breathe in the fresh salt air. Looking around, you’ll marvel at the beauty and delight in the
many scenic vistas around each corner. And later, as you wander through lush forests and stroll
down friendly main streets, you’ll soon realize that South West Nova isn’t just another
tourist attraction -- it’s a community that really treasures life.

Ties That Bind

"I chose South Western Nova Scotia, because I like the lifestyle -- it is a great place to raise children.
Because our communities are close knit, I see staff going above and
beyond the call of duty to help our patients."
Donna Braun, Pharmacist.

Beauty Abound

"I love the community, it's beautiful and the people are friendly and outgoing.
Not to mention that I love my working environment -- the people I work with are excellent!"
Michelle Hilliard, RN

Safe, clean and friendly, the inspiring communities of South West Nova offer an array
of activities to suit any lifestyle. And, whether you arrive single, or with a partner or family,
we’re confident you’ll discover many reasons to stay.

"I moved to Nova Scotia from Calgary, Alberta, because I wanted to
live and work in a smaller urban or rural setting. Nova Scotia has proven to be a beautiful
place to work and live. I love the harbours, the quiet public beaches and the hilly forest
landscape. I am originally from rural New Brunswick and having lived in a large city for the past
 eight years I have developed a better appreciation for the quietude rural living offers.
As well, I have met many warm and neighbourly people since moving to Nova Scotia, which
has helped me to feel that I am part of a first-rate community." --
Robin Swift, Psychologist

To learn more about our area
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Current Postings

Competition #

Closing Date


Career Title



of Interest



Registered Nurses (2) -

Emergency Department

Yarmouth Regional Hospital

004-2014R OPEN Casual Registered Nurse -
Maternal Child Unit
Yarmouth Regional Hospital
247-2014R OPEN Full-Time Registered Nurses -
Specialty Unit Float
Yarmouth Regional Hospital
023-2015R OPEN Casual Registered Nurses (4) - Medical / Emergency Roseway Hospital
037-2015R OPEN Casual Registered Nurses (2) Inpatient Psychiatry Yarmouth Mental Health & Addiction Services
047-2015R OPEN Temporary Full-Time Registered Nurse - Emergency Yarmouth Regional Hospital
048-2015R OPEN Full-Time Registered Nurse - Emergency Yarmouth Regional Hospital
079-2015R OPEN Part-Time 20% Registered Nurse Cardiovascular Yarmouth Regional Hospital
357-2014R OPEN Temporary Part-Time 80% Health Promoter - Public Health Location to be Determined
NSHA-108-2015 OPEN Casual Registered Nurses (2) Emergency / Medical Unit Digby General Hospital
NSHA-074-2015 OPEN Casual Licensed Practical Nurses - ALCU/Med/Emergency Roseway Hospital
NSHA-133-2015R OPEN Full-Time Registered Nurse - Emergency Yarmouth Regional Hospital
NSHA-143-2015R OPEN Temporary Full-Time Registered Nurse -
Cardiovascular Unit
Yarmouth Regional Hospital
NSHA-164-2015R OPEN Full-Time Weekend Registered Nurse - Medical/Emerg. Roseway Hospital
NSHA-140-2015R OPEN Full-Time Community Mental Health Nurse Digby General Hospital
NSHA-173-2015R OPEN Temporary Part-Time 40%

Registered Nurse

 Maternal Child

Yarmouth Regional Hospital
NSHA-176-2015R OPEN Full-Time Registered Nurse - Medical Unit Roseway Hospital
NSHA-177-2015R 08 July 2015 Temporary Part-Time 50% Mental Health Clinician Digby Mental Health
NSHA-AC-CY-2015-157C OPEN Regular Full-Time Physiotherapist  Rehabilitation Services & Seniors' Health/Community Rehabilitation Strait Richmond Area
NSHA-AC-CY-2015-167B OPEN Regular Full-Time Manager of Diagnostic Imaging Antigonish
1020808 09 July 2015 Regular Full-Time Quality & Patient Safety Leader - Performance Excellence Nova Scotia Hospital
NSHA-184-2015 06 July 2015 Full-Time Registered Nurse - Emergency Yarmouth Regional Hospital
NSHA-183-2014 10 July 2015 Full-Time  Licensed Practical Nurse Medical/ALCU Digby General Hospital
NSHA-185-2015 06 July 2015 Temporary Full-Time Clinical Therapist (Problem Gambling Specialist) Yarmouth Mental Health & Addiction Services
10555 10 July 2015 Regular Full-Time Psychologist IV - Child & Adolescent Services Mental Health - Townsend St.
NSHA00142 13 July 2015 Regular Full-Time Senior Director, Human Resources/People Services Provincial People Services - Halifax
NSHA-186-2015 14 July 2015 Temporary Part-Time 90% Stores Clerk - Materiels Management Yarmouth Regional Hospital
NSHA-187-2015 14 July 2015 Temporary Full-Time

Food Service Worker

Internal Applicants Only

Roseway Hospital
NSHA-142-2015 12 July 2015 Full-Time

Ward Clerk - Cardiovascular Unit

Internal Applicants Only

Yarmouth Regional Hospital
10560 17 July 2015 Temporary Part-Time

Secretary I - HR / Volunteer Services

Internal Applicants Only

Cape Breton Regional Hospital
NSHA-F16-4044 15 July 2015 Regular Full-Time

Manager - Laboratory Medicine

Internal applicants Only

Aberdeen / Cumberland
NSHA-182-2015 16 July 2015 Temporary Part-Time 60% Registered Nurse - Operating Room/Endoscopy Yarmouth Regional Hospital
NSHA-084-2015R OPEN Temporary Part-Time 50% Medical Lab Assistant - ALCU/Medical Unit Yarmouth Regional Hospital


How to Apply for a Posted Position


External Candidates:
Please complete both sides of an external application form by answering questions as fully as

you can. Make sure you quote the competition number for the position for which you

are applying at the top of the application form AND attach a current resume.


Submit a separate application form and resume for each competition. Completed and signed

applications can be faxed, e-mailed, mailed, or brought to the Human Resources Department.

Download External Application Form
Successful applicants will be required to provide a satisfactory Criminal Records Check

and undergo a Child Abuse Registry Check.



Internal Candidates:
Please complete an internal application form, quoting the competition number at the top of the

application, and attach a current resume.


Submit a separate application form and resume for each competition. Completed and signed

applications can be faxed, e-mailed, mailed, or brought to the Human Resources Department.
Download Internal Application Form

Why do some vacancies say "Internal Applicants Only"?

We post over 300 position vacancies each year. Most of these vacancies are awarded

to qualified Internal candidates – people who are already Employees of health district. 

If there are one or more qualified Internal Employees for a vacancy, it may be posted as

Internal Only. This means the competition will be open to Internal candidates only.

External people (who are not currently employees) should not apply for these vacancies.

NOTE: All competitions will be posted as per the provisions of the applicable Collective Agreement.


How to be Considered for Non-Posted Employment Opportunities:
(Casual and short-term positions)
Complete both sides of an application form, answering all questions, and attach a resume. Please

indicate the position(s) applied for on the application form.


Please note:

Application forms require Microsoft Office 2003 or higher

in order to be  viewed and completed in the proper format. 

Your application must be received on or before the closing date indicated on the posting.


If you have any questions regarding employment, please contact the Human Resources Department at:


Human Resources

c/o Yarmouth Regional Hospital

60 Vancouver Street

Yarmouth, NS  B5A 2P5

Phone (902) 749-2307

Fax (902) 742-1475

Email: hr.yrh@nshealth.ca