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Roseway Hospital, Shelburne

Roseway Hospital

Roseway Hospital Community Update - Nova Scotia Health Authority is committed to keep our community partners updated on our work to provide sustainable access to primary health care and emergency services in the Shelburne area. Find out more by clicking below:

Roseway Hospital Community Update, Spring 2017

Roseway Hospital Community Update, Fall 2016

Roseway Hospital Community Update, September 2016

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Roseway Hospital Community Update, February 2016

Check out designs of the new Shelburne Collaborative Primary Health Care Centre:

Shelburne Collaborative Primary Health Care Centre - Front

Shelburne Collaborative Primary Health Care Centre - Floorplan

Shelburne Collaborative Primary Health Care Centre - Front

Shelburne Collaborative Primary Health Care Centre - skyview


Roseway Hospital is a community hospital serving about 15,000 Shelburne County residents with primary care services, inpatient, ambulatory and emergency care.

Nineteen inpatient beds include acute medical care, convalescent, cardiac care, pediatrics and care for people awaiting long-term care placement.

Two satellite blood collection clinics operate in Shelburne County, one in Barrington Passage and one in Lockeport.

Visiting Hours
Visiting hours are from 1:30 – 8:30 pm.  Please ask your family and friends to respect your need for rest. Exceptions can be made in special circumstances 

Suggestions for Visitors
Please try to limit your group to two visitors per patient. Patients do tire quickly, so limit your stay and keep conversation at a moderate level.  Visitors may be required to leave the room if the patient requires care. Remember to wash your hands before and after visiting. 

Please do not visit if you are ill.

Costs / Fees at the Hospital


Fees for Out-of-Country Patients


Fees for Hospital Patient Rooms - Private & Semi-Private

Fees for Un-insured Supplies & Services at the Hospital

Fees for Parking at the Hospital

Fees to see your Health Record - as directed under the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA)


Volunteer Opportunities

Want to volunteer at Roseway Hospital? Visit our Volunteer Services page, or call Tanya Maillet, Volunteer Coordinator: 902-742-3542 ext 1575

Do not bring large sums of money, credit cards, jewelry, or important papers to the hospital. You are responsible for your own belongings.

Roseway Hospital does not accept any responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property left at the bedside.  

 ● Diagnostic Services (radiology, laboratory and EKG)
 ● Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy
 ● Nutrition counseling & Diabetes education
 ● 24– hour Emergency service
 ● “Well Woman” clinics in Shelburne and Barrington
 ● Mental Health Centre
 ● Addiction Services
 ● Speech Therapy

 ● Palliative Care
 ● Continuing Care
 ● VON

Visiting Specialists:
 ● Obstetrics & Gynecology
 ● Internal Medicine
 ● Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)
 ● Surgery
 ● Audiology (Hearing)
 ● Plastic Surgery
 ● Cardiac Stress Testing
 ● Gastroscopy

Through Medical Staff, Roseway has established a comprehensive referral system with other health care facilities in Yarmouth, Kentville, Liverpool, Bridgewater and Halifax.


Physician Recruitment:

Physicians thinking about relocating to Shelburne County should check out our Physician Recruitment website: www.shelburnedocs.com


For more information about this site contact:
Jodi Ybarra
Roseway Hospital Site Manager
PO Box 610
Shelburne, NS
B0T 1W0

ph. 902-875-3011 (main) fax: 902-875-1580

Email: jodi.ybarra@nshealth.ca


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