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Volunteer Services

Volunteers are an important part of the health care team. They make a major contribution to hospitals, patients/client families and the community. We rely upon our volunteers for their many and varied talents.

In return, our volunteers:

         meet new people

         explore various career paths

         develop new skills

         experience personal growth & development


Come join the approximately 1,000 volunteers who currently help patients, staff, visitors and - through their experience - themselves. Scroll down for some volunteer opportunities.


Volunteer support

We strive to ensure that your volunteer experience will be rewarding and can offer you:

         flexibility for vacations and personal commitments

         orientation and training

         supportive staff


         free parking

         smoke free and scent free environment

         opportunities for feedback



Volunteers are asked to:

          fill out an application form

         agree to a Criminal Records Check

         agree to Child Abuse registry Check

         provide references (excluding family members)

         sign a confidentiality form to protect privacy

         attend an orientation session to become acquainted with basic rules and procedures

Volunteers Needed

There are many volunteer opportunities available, including in the following areas:

Renal Dialysis Unit:

In the Renal Dialysis Unit (RDU), Yarmouth Hospital, we need  hospitality volunteers who will help provide a welcoming presence to patients and families and maintain a nourishment area with tea/coffee for patients, families and staff to enjoy throughout the day.  Volunteers will also work with the activity director to plan various activities for renal patients and their families.

Dialysis patients spend several hours each week within the RDU and it has been recognized that a team of dedicated volunteers will be a benefit to the patients as well as a wonderful addition to the unit.

Gift Shop Volunteers - Hospital Auxiliary:
The hospital gift shop is run by the Hospital Auxiliary. They are always looking for people to join their team in the gift shop. Volunteers are responsible for operating the cash register, and providing a warm welcome to the public.

Hand Hygiene Volunteers:
We are looking for volunteers to visit different areas of the hospital to offer information on the importance of hand hygiene while demonstrating the proper use of hand sanitizer

Volunteers are always invited to share their skills by creating puppets, dolls, hats, etc. to be distributed to people using the hospital in several different areas.

Recreation Volunteers (Veteranís Place / Alternate level of Care Unit):
Volunteers spend time helping the recreation team to plan and coordinate activities to the residents / patients. Activities include: reading books and newspapers; keeping up with current affairs, discussions , entertainment, bowling, curling, music and crafts


For information on these and other volunteer opportunities, or to find out how to volunteer, contact:

Tanya Maillet, Volunteer Coordinator

902-742-3542 Ext. 1575

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